Equipment Information

All Wrestlers Need Headgear and Shoes!

The three program levels will be issued a variety of gear (see below).  All of the gear available at the TeamStore is optional, but please do visit the team store to check out additional items for yourself or your wrestler.

Dodgers will be issued a t-shirt, in addition to the Black Long-sleeve quarter-zip & fight shorts you see at the team store.

Clinic will be issued a t-shirt and shorts

Pre-Clinic will be issued a t-shirt and beanie

All participants at all levels will need wrestling shoes and head gear. Dick’s Sporting Goods is a good location to find both.  If you’re pressed for time, Amazon is obviously all-knowing and omnipotent! It can be difficult to know what to choose, so here are some headgear suggestions…

Probably not for the smallest kids, but definitely the one to buy if you are interested in applying the decals available at the team store (team store decal will probably not work as well for other headgear styles):

Maybe not for the smallest of heads, but probably good for an averaged sized 4th grade head and up:

For smaller younger/smaller kids:



You do not need to buy a singlet from the team store.  All High School, Dodger and Clinic participants will be issued singlets that will be returned at the end of the season.  Pre-Clinic Wrestlers that would like to wear a singlet to the KoM competitions and ALL participants that would like to wrestle in tournaments outside of the regular season are encouraged to buy Madison singlets from the team store.